TEFITON - produced by Berserker



TEFITON - produced by Berserker

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Listen to a 45 second soundfile of this release (~96kB).

Two important activists in the German scene of electroacoustic improvisation, Van Bebber and Hirt chop and munch big chunks of sound - generated by themselves via records, electronics and guitar - to achieve a beautiful balance of low-budget dadaism and captivating repetition; think Zoviet France and Christian Marclay meeting for a coffee and deciding to have all the bar's patrons participating to the music born from that conversation. Van Bebber's work with records is intelligently unpredictable, clicks and skips alternating to locked grooves like the ones in the final track "Monir", a fetching hypnotic piece featuring tenor saxophonist Ulrich Krieger as a guest. Hirt's profile is less noticeable but equally effective: he provides the large part of this creature's heartbeat via mesmerizing superimpositions of semi-cosmic irrational lines, sheer noise and brain-twisting trips through disorientating turbulences. Although an old fashioned vinyl LP, "Tefiton" is nevertheless a quite forward-looking release, well worth of the effort of pursuing it.

Massimo Ricci at Touching Extremes