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Claus van Bebber

Werkübersicht + 1977 - 1995

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  Bebber im Museum Goch 1996

My Way 3-97


This CD is available at the catalogue of a retrospective in Villingen-Schwenningen in the year 1996. Klaus Van Bebber can be described as a person with not a certain style, he is more a concept-artist who works out his ideas. A lot of his works is based upon soundobjects and to work with nature, these are the main elements of his works that returns almost in all his performances, objects and music-pieces.
On the CD you find 26 pieces of music which give you the idea about the years 1977 and 1995 of his musical work. Started with the jazzy Van Bebber-Schmidt-Thelosen-kombination in 1977 and the prepared records-concert of 1995. Klaus Van Bebber his work is different from all other contemporary artists. As a person from an earlier generation, I still find in his earlier work influences which makes for me the conceptual art of the sixties so typical. This is not bad, it is just good I think, it is something I have missed those years of honoust art. I recommend this booklet and CD for all who are interested in conceptual art. If you still can find it.

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