Stephan Froleyks - 10 Pfeifen



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‘Musik für 10 Pfeifen / Saitenwanne’ was one of German improviser/instrument creator Stephan Froleyks’ first recordings.
Released as a 3” CD, this EP contains two pieces recorded live at Schloss Gnadenthal in Kleve, Germany on January 1, 1991. ‘Nirgendwohin, Hartnäckig’ is a work for a ten flute instrument, played by Froleyks. An almost ritualistic number, the piece unfolds through crescendos and decrescendos. ‘Two Hands, Two Bows’ is performed on the ‘string tub’ (Saitenwanne), an invented instrument that will become Froleyks’ trademark. The saitenwanne sounds like a violin lightly rubbed by the bow with added metallic overtones. On ‘Two Hands, Two Bows’, Froleyks plays it continuously, moving the bows back and forth on its two strings, creating a limited but interesting soundscape.
Variations in sound mostly depend on speed of bowing and volume. But the saitenwanne will be better documented on ‚Über ihnen flogen Spatzen’.

Francois Couture at All-Music Guide