Erhard Hirt - Mini CD  

1. Drone 6:57
2. Percussion 5:16
3. Staff 5:10
4. Kermesse 3:23

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Listen to a 30 second soundfile of this release (~80kB).

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Bad Alchemy 36

Lounge 10, Mai 2001

The soundart recorded on this single-CD is a performance at the LMC Festival in London on the 25th of May 1996. Erhard Hirt works with guitars and electronics on a non-conventional way and is since the seventies promoter of improvisation and experimental music.
This single-CD contains 4 tracks, each with a different soundscape and color of music. The first track is called "Drone" and this describes the color of the music, it is a dark atmosphere created with a wave-background and howling strings. Track 2 "Percussion" sounds as a jam on a bass-guitar and classical guitar, which creates a composition that explores the variety of tunes instruments can make. Track 3 "Staff" brings you in an other atmosphere again, low dark sounds where soon random high tunes starts to play the main role. The last track "Kermesse" sounds completely as a "Kermesse" a big jam of random sounds that goes into your direction.
Erhard Hirt shows us on this CD what the possibilities are with creating several atmospheres in music with a few instruments that are mostly used in a conventional way.

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