119 Arten zu beginnen  

Carl Ludwig Hübsch
119 Arten zu beginnen

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Listen to a 30 second soundfile of this release (~80kB).

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The concept of '119 Ways to Begin' is freedom from persistent emphasis or mate-rial logic. Instead, I remain at each point of departure where the music is but an utterance of indiscernable shape - as in the moment before a piece has begun or in the first seconds when it has yet to unfold. The notation of the piece consists of 119 moments which are played in random order. It presents an array of opportunities for interpretation or improvisation. The single sheet notation supports the change of material beyond improvisational habits. What you hear is the realization of music without playing it out, sustaining it by starting it anew, while standing on the needle's point. The CD was recorded on march 22nd 1999 at the Feedbackstudio, Cologne.
The limitation of 99 possible ID points on a CD led to the selected 99 moments where you can pop in. Points of departure depend on your own interpretation as an active listener (you might experiment with the random or shuffle function of your cd player). If you'd like to listen to three parts, I recommend you to program id 01-27 (15,32min), id 28-76(18,09min) and id 77 to end (10,59min).

Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Oktober 2002


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