Klapper/Ulher/Morgenstern - Momentaufnahmen  


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The Wire 4-2001

My Way 52-2002

Three musicians, both with their own instrument create improvisation music.
Martin Klapper: toys & electronics
Birgit Ulher: trumpet
Jürgen Morgenstern: double-bass, voice
The music is improvisation music in such way that they do not use the instruments in its usual way to work out a song. They create sounds with and from the instruments which they combine in a composition. There is speed in the compositions, this because they create from the instruments constantly short sounds on several ways, shortly after each other. The compositions on all the tracks are played on the same way. It is pure improvisation music and on the way how it is played it have a certain jazzy tune.
General conclusion: pure improvisation music, only a pity for the lack of variation.

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