Niehusmann - Day Tracks 3  

Frank Niehusmann
Day Tracks 3


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Only recently we reviewed the CDs 'Day Tracks 1' and 'Day Tracks 2' by Frank Niehusmann (see Vital Weekly 510 and 523), and here is 'Day Tracks 3', the final episode. Maybe there will be 'Night Tracks', with more peaceful music? Not that Niehusmann plays loud music. His work is about a piece of software which he built himself, and which allows him to sample sounds and play around with them. Again, like before, we get twenty pieces of his 'direct to tape' playing of electro-acoustic music and much of what I had to say about the first two releases, I can state here: It's a bit too much for me. In the end it's hard to see the difference between the various pieces and the trick is known after say ten tracks. It's worthwhile to select your own ten favorites and put them on your player, as it's hard to imagine anyone sitting through this in one go altogether. But there are certainly quite nice pieces to be detected around here. Look and you'll find.

Vital Weekly 567


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