Hubert Steins - Schrittfolgen  

Hubert Steins / Brele Scholz

22x30cm 20-pages-catalogue of sound installations and fotografies

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'soundpath' by Hubert Steins is an interactive sound installation with organpipes and blowers which was built up for the 'Raum für Kunst' in Aachen/Germany. It was exhibited together with a series of photographies by Brele Scholz, an artist from Aachen.

The basic materials of the installation are several wooden organpipes each connected with an individual blower. The blowers are activated by sensors picking up the movement of the visitors. The soundpath generates a soundfield which permanently changes depending on the movements of the visitors.

"Schrittfolgen" contains a documentation of the soundinstallation 'soundpath'  by Hubert Steins and photographies by Brele Scholz together with essays in german and english language.